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Our consulting experience in Ivory Coast

Aninver Development Partners is one of the most active consulting organizations in Ivory Coast. We have executed dozens of projects with the African Development Bank, which is based in Abidjan.

At the forefront of our endeavors is a Project Finance Training Proposal tailored for the African Development Bank, reinforcing capacities and fostering infrastructure development. Explore more: [Project Finance Training Proposal]

In the wake of the global pandemic, we collaborated on a critical mission - analyzing the profound effects of COVID-19 on the African Private Sector in partnership with AfDB. Our multifaceted approach encompassed crisis assessment, healthcare strategies, corporate resilience, and the formulation of DFIs strategies. Dive deeper: [COVID-19 Impact Analysis]

In the realm of digital innovation, our Assessment of Digital Receivables Financing (DRF) in Côte d'Ivoire stands testament to our commitment. From fostering entrepreneurship to supporting SMEs development through innovative fintech solutions, this project showcases our prowess in navigating the evolving landscape of digital finance. Discover more: [Digital Receivables Financing]

A cornerstone in our portfolio is the Market Report on African Private Sector Trends and Opportunities for AfDB. From shaping corporate strategies to facilitating SMEs financing and project finance, our comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights into the dynamic African business landscape. Learn more: [Market Report]

Expanding our reach, our Stakeholder and Political Economy Analysis spanned Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, and Benin. Through meticulous mapping and in-depth environmental studies, we navigated complexities, addressing issues like climate change and political dynamics. Uncover insights: [Stakeholder Analysis]

For the African Development Bank's Private Sector Department, we crafted a robust Business Development Strategy. In Ivory Coast, our strategic analysis spanned business development, corporate strategy, and DFIs strategy formulation. Explore our strategy: [Business Development Strategy]

Further contributing to the financial landscape, our Analysis and Benchmarking of NSO Financial Products for AfDB in Ivory Coast showcases our expertise in business development, corporate strategy, and strategic analysis. Delve into insights: [NSO Financial Products Analysis]

In the realm of feasibility studies, our work on the Fashionomics Online Platform was pivotal. From digital solutions to supporting SMEs in the textile and fashion industry, we engaged in fostering innovation and sustainable development. Unveil possibilities: [Fashionomics Feasibility Study]

Expanding our footprint across borders, the Fashionomics Africa Initiative reached Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Africa. Digital solutions, textile, and fashion industry support define our commitment to SMEs development. Explore the initiative: [Fashionomics Africa Initiative]

Navigating strategic partnerships, our Netflix Roadmap for Partnership with AfDB in Ivory Coast exemplifies our expertise in DFIs strategy, business development, and stakeholder mapping. Connect the dots: [Netflix Roadmap]

Lastly, our Mid-Term Review of AfDB's Human Capital Strategy in Ivory Coast delved into strategic analysis, corporate strategy, monitoring and evaluation, contributing to sustainable employment creation. Assess our impact: [Human Capital Strategy Review]

At Aninver Development Partners, our commitment to driving positive change and sustainable development in Ivory Coast is unwavering. Join us in shaping a brighter future as we continue to innovate, strategize, and collaborate on projects that make a lasting impact.

Our sectorial experience in Ivory Coast

Aninver Development Partners is a dynamic consulting firm operating across diverse sectors, shaping a sustainable and prosperous future. Our expertise spans:

Project Finance, Capacity Building, Infrastructure Development: We excel in structuring project finances, enhancing capacities, and contributing to robust infrastructure development.

Crisis Assessment, Healthcare, Corporate Strategy, DFIs Strategy: From crisis evaluation to healthcare strategies, we navigate corporate landscapes, offering strategic insights aligned with Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) goals.

Digital Solutions, Fintech, Entrepreneurship, SMEs Development Support, SMEs Financing: Pioneering digital transformations, we champion Fintech, nurture entrepreneurship, and provide comprehensive support for SMEs, including innovative financing solutions.

Stakeholder Mapping, Political Economy Analysis, Climate Change, Environmental Studies: Expertise in stakeholder mapping, political economy analysis, and addressing critical issues such as climate change through comprehensive environmental studies.

Business Development, Corporate Strategy, Strategic Analysis, DFIs Strategy: We drive business development, formulate corporate strategies, conduct strategic analysis, and align activities with DFIs strategies for impactful outcomes.

Digital Solutions, Feasibility Studies, Textile & Fashion, SMEs Development Support: Enabling digital advancements, we conduct feasibility studies, contribute to the textile and fashion industry, and provide dedicated support for SMEs in their development journey.

At Aninver Development Partners, our versatile engagement across these sectors reflects our commitment to fostering innovation, sustainability, and positive change. Explore how we can collaborate to create a lasting impact in your industry."

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