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In Bahamas, our team at Aninver has successfully executed a project that have contributed to the sustainable development and progress of the country. The “Sustainable Community Business Model Strategic Plan for Citizen Security and Justice Programme” project aimed to develop a strategic plan that fosters citizen security and justice within the community. Our team worked closely with local authorities and stakeholders to identify key challenges and opportunities, and then devised a comprehensive business model to address these issues. The strategic plan incorporated sustainable practices and innovative solutions to promote a safer and more secure environment for the citizens of Bahamas. Through this project, we have significantly contributed to the improvement of citizen security and justice in Bahamas, and we are committed to continuing our efforts to drive sustainable development in the country.

Sectorial experiences

Infrastructure & PPP

As an infrastructure consulting firm, Aninver is dedicated to supporting the economic development of the Bahamas through our experience in the implementation of infrastructure projects. With a team of civil engineers and specialists in various sectors, we offer a wide range of services tailored to the unique needs of the Bahamas. Our expertise in sector analysis, risk assessment, and economic and financial analysis enables us to provide strategic guidance and innovative solutions that maximize the potential of infrastructure projects in the country.

In addition, our expertise in conducting in-depth research on PPP projects allows us to provide insights into the key factors that contribute to successful PPP implementation. By analyzing the economic, social, and environmental outcomes of infrastructure projects, we enable informed decision-making and resource optimization, ultimately contributing to the advancement and improvement of infrastructure development in the country. With our commitment to delivering value to our clients, including public sector entities and private companies, Aninver aims to facilitate the collaboration between the public and private sectors for mutual benefit and sustainable development in the Bahamas.

Tourism & related industries

Aninver Development Partners is a Tourism and Hospitality consultancy firm with extensive experience in providing strategic planning and positioning of tourism destinations. In the context of the Bahamas, a country heavily reliant on tourism as a main industry due to its beautiful geography and natural attractions, our consultancy services can be of great value.

Our team of experts is well-equipped to conduct due diligences and valuations. With our deep knowledge and experience, we can provide solid analysis and estimates of value of assets, companies, or projects in the T&H sectors. In a country like this where tourism is a major industry, our feasibility studies and business plans can support investment, growth, or restructuring decisions that align with the local and regional circumstances.

We can assist hotel owners/investors as well as hotel operators in the Bahamas with a wide range of services including asset management, project development, portfolio optimization, market studies, business and strategic plans, and expansion assignments. Given the unique geography and natural beauty of the Bahamas, our team is adept at developing concept or master plans for public entities or corporations to support their tourism strategies and adapt to the local market and geographical circumstances. We also specialize in providing capacity building services for the public sector, empowering professionals with the necessary skills to lead effectively and drive positive change in the tourism administration and authorities of the Bahamas.

Blue Economy

As experienced consultants in the maritime and coastal sector, we are dedicated to unlocking the potential of sustainable and profitable ventures in the dynamic field of the Blue Economy. With a comprehensive range of services tailored to the unique needs of the Bahamas, we offer expert guidance and strategic solutions to support economic development.

Our team specializes in developing sustainable tourism master and business plans tailored for the unique environmental, social, and economic considerations of the Bahamas. We conduct comprehensive feasibility studies and value chain analysis for the aquaculture and fisheries industry, evaluating project viability, technical requirements, and potential socio-economic impacts. In port development, we understand the importance of aligning strategies with the country's infrastructure requirements, regulatory frameworks, and market demand to drive sustainable growth and economic competitiveness. In addition, we offer IT solutions, traffic and revenue analysis, and productivity improvement to optimize port operations and support the Bahamas' trade and commerce activities.

Our focus on environmentally responsible practices, renewable energy integration, and sustainable management strategies align with the Bahamas' efforts to protect its marine environment and foster eco-friendly tourism experiences. We understand the importance of promoting trade, export, and investment within value chains, whether for local or international markets, to support economic growth and create opportunities for local businesses. Our experience in working with public and private sectors, as well as in structuring public-private partnerships, ensures that our services are tailored to the specific needs of the Bahamas, ultimately contributing to its sustainable economic development and prosperity.

Development consultants in the Caribbean region

With extensive experience in the Caribbean, Aninver Development Partners has successfully executed diverse projects across the region, focusing on sustainable economic development and growth. From supporting community tourism and agriculture in Jamaica to crafting strategic roadmaps for the blue economy in Barbados, our team has proven expertise in delivering impactful solutions tailored to the unique needs and challenges of the Caribbean countries. Our work extends to areas such as maritime infrastructure, renewable energy, and citizen security, reflecting our comprehensive understanding of the region's economic landscape and its potential for sustainable growth.

We also offer digital solutions designed to support the economic development and growth of the Caribbean. Our services range from knowledge-sharing platforms, to e-learning and training solutions, and digital communication and outreach strategies. With our expertise in digital transformation consultancy, we can guide organizations in the region through their digital journey, ensuring a seamless transition towards sustainable growth.

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