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Our consulting experience in Rwanda

Aninver has had a significant impact on the economic development and strategic positioning of Rwanda, leveraging our expertise and experience in providing valuable solutions for our clients in the country through these projects.

Strategic Positioning and Tourism Master Plan in Kibuye-Karongi, Rwanda

We were proud to be a part of the strategic positioning and tourism master plan project in Kibuye-Karongi, Rwanda. Our team was instrumental in providing expert guidance and support in developing a comprehensive master plan aimed at boosting tourism in the region. Through in-depth analysis and strategic planning, we were able to identify key opportunities and challenges, and provide actionable recommendations to enhance the tourism sector in Kibuye-Karongi.

Construction Materials Value Chain Analysis in East African Community (EAC)

Our team successfully executed a project focused on conducting a comprehensive value chain analysis of construction materials in the East African Community (EAC), with a specific focus on Rwanda. We carried out extensive research and analysis to identify key players, challenges, and opportunities within the construction materials value chain. Through our in-depth analysis, we were able to provide valuable insights and recommendations to enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of the construction materials industry within the EAC, particularly in Rwanda.

Tourism & related industries

Aninver Development Partners is a Tourism and Hospitality consultancy firm with extensive experience in supporting emerging economies, including Rwanda. With tourism recognized as a crucial driver for development in emerging economies, we specialize in providing strategic planning and positioning of tourism destinations, as well as capacity building for tourism administration and authorities in Rwanda. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the unique economic and geographic circumstances of Rwanda, allowing us to tailor our services to the specific needs of the country.

In addition to strategic planning, our team also offers due diligence and valuation services, which are essential for making informed investment decisions in the tourism and hospitality sectors in Rwanda. Our analysts possess in-depth knowledge of the T&H sector and are skilled at compiling relevant data to conduct solid analysis, particularly crucial in a rapidly growing economy like Rwanda.

Furthermore, our consultancy company provides a range of services to hotel owners, investors, and operators in Rwanda, including asset management, project development, market studies, and expansion assignments. With our extensive project experience in Europe, Africa, and Latin America, Aninver is well-equipped to support Rwanda’s tourism and hospitality industry in achieving sustainable growth and development.

Agribusiness & Rural Development in Africa

Our team of specialist agricultural engineers and agri-business experts has worked on a variety of projects, including supporting women's groups in Mauritania's henna and desert date value chains, capacity building for community tourism and agriculture in Jamaica, and agriculture capacity building and training for Liberia Revenue Authority's NRTS. This diverse experience allows us to offer expert guidance and practical solutions to overcome technical challenges, enhance skills and knowledge, assess program effectiveness, assess project viability, and gain insights into market dynamics and value chain opportunities.

In a country like Zambia, our firm has conducted feasibility studies for the establishment of a large-scale cashew processing plant, leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and research capabilities. In Ghana, we have executed a pre-feasibility study for the construction of silo storages in Northern Ghana through a PPP, highlighting our ability to assess various factors and provide comprehensive reports and actionable insights for informed investment decisions. Our market research and value chain analysis expertise has also provided valuable insights for agriculture, biodiversity, land degradation, and fragility in the G5 Sahel region, as well as market reports on African private sector trends and opportunities for the AfDB, giving clients a competitive edge in agribusiness and rural development endeavors tailored to the specific economic development, geography, and main industries of the region.

Through our work with clients such as the World Bank and the African Development Bank, our firm's expertise is recognized, allowing us to provide innovative technologies, best practices, and strategic insights to optimize productivity, increase overall efficiency, drive economic development, and foster sustainable growth in rural communities around the world.

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