Private Sector Development & Entrepreneurship

We encourage an inter-disciplinary approach to help our clients strengthen the value of the private sector across emerging markets. Through our expertise across different sectors, we help our clients solve complex social problems, providing technical support for the strengthening of financial, operational, communications and evaluation processes. Our experience includes:

  • Policy analysis and strategy
  • Project monitoring and analysis
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Sectorial and geographical market research: market studies, value chain assessments, sectorial analysis
  • Capacity building programs: needs assessment, institutional strengthening and training programs
  • Organizational design studies
  • Support to entrepreneurship projects

Support to Entrepreneurship Development Programs

As a global development expert, we understand the importance of fostering a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our consultancy company specializes in providing comprehensive support to entrepreneurship development programs. We work closely with development institutions to design and deliver initiatives that empower aspiring and existing entrepreneurs with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to start and grow successful businesses.

Our services include:

  • Training Programs: We design and conduct training programs that cover various aspects of entrepreneurship, such as business planning, marketing strategies, financial management, and leadership development. These programs equip entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the challenges of starting and running a business.
  • Incubation and Acceleration Programs: Through our incubation and acceleration programs, we create a nurturing environment where startups can access networks, resources, and expert advice to scale their businesses rapidly. We provide infrastructure, mentorship, and access to funding opportunities, enabling startups to accelerate their growth and increase their chances of success.
  • Access to Finance: We understand that access to finance is crucial for entrepreneurial success. We assist govenrments designing new tools and programs to facilitate access to finance for entrepreneurs.

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Analysis & Development of Economic Value Chains

In today's interconnected global economy, understanding and optimizing economic value chains is essential for sustainable growth. Our consultancy company specializes in the analysis and development of economic value chains to enhance productivity, competitiveness, and sustainability.

It's relevant our experience as consultants in the analysis of the value chain of the construction industry.

Our approach includes:

  • Value Chain Analysis: We conduct comprehensive value chain analyses, mapping out the key actors, activities, and linkages within a specific sector or industry. This analysis helps us identify opportunities for value addition, process optimization, and market expansion.
  • Strategy Development: Based on our value chain analysis, we develop strategies to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase value capture. We work with stakeholders to implement these strategies, fostering collaboration and coordination among different actors in the value chain.
  • Promoting Innovation: We identify opportunities for technology adoption, research and development, and knowledge sharing among stakeholders within value chains. By fostering innovation and collaboration, we aim to unlock the full potential of value chains and drive inclusive economic growth.

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Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) Development Programs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a vital role in job creation, economic diversification, and poverty reduction. Our consultancy company is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of SMEs through targeted programs tailored to their unique needs and challenges.

We offer a range of services, including:

  • Diagnostic Assessments: We conduct diagnostic assessments to identify areas for improvement within SMEs. This helps us understand their strengths, weaknesses, and growth potential, enabling us to provide tailored recommendations.
  • Capacity-Building Programs: We provide training and capacity-building programs to enhance entrepreneurship and management skills among SMEs. These programs cover areas such as marketing, financial management, operations, and human resources.
  • Increasing digitalization: We support governments in increasing the use of digital tools by SMEs.

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Increasing Sectorial Competition and Innovation

Competition and innovation are key drivers of economic growth and prosperity. Our consultancy company focuses on promoting sectorial competition and fostering innovation within specific industries or sectors.

Our approach includes:

  • Market Analysis: We conduct in-depth sectorial analyses to understand market dynamics, identify barriers to competition, and assess the potential for innovation. This analysis helps us develop targeted strategies to enhance market efficiency and stimulate innovation.
  • Policy Development: We work with relevant stakeholders, including government agencies, industry associations, and research institutions, to design and implement policies that promote fair competition, streamline regulatory frameworks, and support research and development initiatives.
  • Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration: We encourage knowledge sharing, technology transfer, and collaboration among industry players. We facilitate platforms for industry-wide cooperation, foster partnerships between businesses and research institutions, and promote innovation networks.

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Support to the private equity industry

Our experience in emerging markets allows us to offer a great advisory service to private equity investors executing transactions in those markets. We can help you with:

  1. Operational Due Diligence
  2. Commercial Due Diligence
  3. Technical Due Diligence
  4. Lead generation
  5. Portfolio value creation

As a global development experts specializing in private sector development and entrepreneurship, our consultancy company is committed to driving sustainable economic growth and fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Through our support to entrepreneurship development programs, analysis and development of economic value chains, small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) development programs, and initiatives to increase sectorial competition and innovation, we aim to create an enabling environment for businesses to flourish and contribute to socio-economic development.

By providing tailored services, strategic insights, and facilitating access to resources and networks, we empower entrepreneurs and enterprises to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and create positive change in their communities. Together with our esteemed partners in the development sector, we strive to build a prosperous future driven by private sector development and entrepreneurship.

With our expertise and dedication, we are confident in our ability to make a lasting impact on private sector development and entrepreneurship, transforming economies and empowering individuals to achieve their full potential. Join us on this exciting journey towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

The quality of our work is globally recognized and clients such as the World Bank and the African Development Bank trust us.

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