Analysis and benchmarking of NSO financial products used by African Development Bank

  • Ivory Coast
Duration of assignment

3 months

Year: 2016 - 2017

  • African Development Bank
Description of project

The objective of this assignment was to analyze all NSO financial products currently being used by the Bank in selected sectors in order to:

(i) identify the most adequate products

(ii) to ensure the alignment with the new priorities set by the Bank (“High-5s”),

(iii) to define promotion strategies for using those products to crowding in investors and other potential co-financiers and

(vi) to make recommendations on potential new products.

Services provided
  • Prepare Project Understanding and Inception Report
  • Review of portfolio of financial products used by other International Finance Institutions (DFIs, MDBs and OTHERS - Wealth Funds, ECAS, etc.).
  • Study of transactions and benchmarking analysis by sector, by type of financial product and by geography.
  • Review information relative to the Private Sector department (OPSD).
  • Define specific conclusions on how to tailor the product offering to the new strategy of the bank and ensure that it remains competitive in the current business environment in Africa.


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