Sustainable community business model & strategic plan for Citizen Security & Justice Programme

  • Bahamas
Duration of assignment

3 months

Year: 2019

  • Inter-American Development Bank
  • Ministry of Finance of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas
Description of project

The Ministry of Finance of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas received financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) to implement a Citizen Security and Justice Programme.

The overall objectives of this program were to:

(i) improve behaviors for non-violent conflict resolution in New Providence; (ii) increase employability and employment of the at-risk youth population in New Providence; (iii) strengthen institutional capabilities of justice services: and (iv) reduce the recidivism rate among persons within the juvenile system. To achieve the first objective of the loan, the Ministry of National Security intended to apply part of the loan's proceeds to contract a consulting firm to design, develop, and deliver a Sustainable Community Center Business Model and Strategic Plan.

Aninver has participated in several projects as Cconsultants in the Caribbean region.

Services provided

- Establish an evidence based, theoretical framework to create a business model suitable for use in the creation of a sustainable community center business model and strategic plan for the island of New Providence inclusive of an operational manual and a monitoring and evaluation and sustainment strategy.

- Conduct an on-site field visit to consult with a focal point team of specialist who will provide guidance on the current practices/protocols/approach, as well as the country context and other country specific issues.

- Conduct analysis to define the problem/opportunity as it relates to the existing models, legacy programmes, practices, protocols, and approaches used by the community centers and urban renewal centers as well as to identify gaps, test each gap, confirm causes and propose solutions.

- Present design decisions on a sustainable community center business model and strategic plan.

- Draft a detailed sustainable community center business model and strategic plan grounded in evidence-based research using the data gathered in the data gathering activities and building on data obtained through the use of current legacy programmes such as the urban renewal programme.

- Monitoring, evaluation and sustainment inclusive of an Annual report format for each community center to track progress on key metrics.

- Creation of an operational manual that ensures the proper implementation and use of the requisite community centers.

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