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Aninver Development Partners is a consulting company with extensive experience in several countries in the Caribbean region. We present here some examples of our experience and the main areas where we can help your organization.

Our project experience in the Caribbean

Our experience in the Caribbean has been extensive, as we have successfully executed several projects in the region. Here are the details of each project:

a) COVID-19 Resilience and Capacity Building for Community Tourism and Agriculture in Jamaica:
In this project, we focused on supporting the local communities in the Caribbean to enhance their resilience and capacity in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. We worked closely with community tourism and agriculture stakeholders, providing them with strategic guidance, training, and resources to adapt their operations and ensure sustainability during these challenging times.

b) Strategic Roadmap for the Blue Economy in Barbados:
For this project, we collaborated with the government of Barbados to develop a comprehensive strategic roadmap for the blue economy. Our team conducted extensive research and analysis to identify the potential opportunities and challenges in sectors such as marine tourism, fisheries, renewable energy, and coastal management. The resulting roadmap provided a clear direction for the sustainable development of Barbados' blue economy, promoting economic growth while preserving the marine ecosystem.

c) Sustainable Community Business Model Strategic Plan for Citizen Security Justice Programme in Bahamas:
In this project, we worked closely with the Citizen Security Justice Programme to develop a sustainable community business model strategic plan. Our team conducted in-depth assessments and consultations to identify the key challenges faced by the communities in terms of citizen security and justice. Based on our findings, we designed a comprehensive plan that focused on empowering the communities through sustainable business models, fostering economic growth, and improving social cohesion.

d) Feasibility Study for a New Marina in the Island of San Andres through PPP:
For this project, we conducted a feasibility study for the development of a new marina in the beautiful island of San Andres. Our team assessed the market demand, analyzed the potential economic benefits, and evaluated the technical and financial viability of the project. Through a public-private partnership (PPP) approach, we provided recommendations and strategies to ensure the successful implementation of the marina, which would contribute to the island's tourism industry and economic growth.

Overall, our experience in the Caribbean showcases our expertise in various sectors, including community development, tourism, blue economy, and infrastructure. We are proud to have contributed to the sustainable growth and development of the region through these projects.

Blue Economy consultants

We can be your reliable partner in harnessing the potential of the Blue Economy across the Caribbean region. With a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities within marine industries, we offer specialized expertise to drive sustainable growth. Our commitment to fostering ocean-based innovation, responsible resource management, and community development makes us your ideal Blue Economy consultants in the Caribbean.

Our Expertise:

  1. Coastal Tourism and Hospitality: Aninver brings innovative solutions to elevate coastal tourism and hospitality. From destination branding to sustainable infrastructure development, we empower local economies while safeguarding the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Caribbean coastlines.

  2. Renewable Energy: Embracing cutting-edge technologies, we explore clean energy generation from ocean resources. Our expertise in offshore wind, tidal energy, and wave power contributes to the region's energy transition and reduces the carbon footprint.

  3. Maritime Infrastructure: We assist in designing and implementing maritime infrastructure projects that enhance connectivity, trade, and disaster resilience. Our holistic approach ensures that port facilities and coastal infrastructure align with sustainable development goals.

  4. Blue Economy Policy Development: Collaborating with governments and regional bodies, we shape Blue Economy policies that promote responsible growth, inclusivity, and intergovernmental cooperation in the Caribbean.

With a commitment to creating a thriving Blue Economy, Aninver is happy to foster sustainable development while preserving the Caribbean's natural treasures.

Digital solutions in the Caribbean

At Aninver Development Partners, we provide digital solutions for the development and private industries and the public sector in the Caribbean. With our extensive experience, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that the region presents in terms of economic development, geography, and main industries. Our range of services is designed to support organizations in their digital transformation journey, enabling them to make a lasting impact on communities throughout the Caribbean.

One of our key offerings is the development of knowledge-sharing platforms tailored to the specific needs of specific industries. These platforms provide a digital space for collaboration, idea exchange, and best practice sharing.

Additionally, our e-learning and training solutions are designed to enhance the professional skills of development professionals in the Caribbean. Through interactive online modules, virtual classrooms, and self-paced courses, we deliver high-quality training that is flexible and accessible. This ensures continuous learning in a rapidly evolving sector and equips individuals with the necessary skills to contribute to the economic development of the Caribbean.

Furthermore, our digital communication and outreach strategies are tailored to effectively engage with stakeholders in any country in the Caribbean. We understand the importance of raising awareness and mobilizing support for development initiatives in the region. Through targeted content creation, social media management, and online campaign planning, we help organizations amplify their message and foster a community of supporters in the Caribbean.

With our expertise in digital transformation consultancy, we guide development organizations in the Caribbean through their digital journey. We assess existing systems, identify opportunities for innovation, and provide tailored strategies to align technology with organizational goals. Our understanding of the Caribbean's economic development landscape allows us to offer solutions that are specifically tailored to the region's needs, ensuring a seamless transition towards digital transformation and sustainable growth.

Hospitality experts in the Caribbean

At Aninver Development Partners, we have extensive experience in providing consulting services in the Tourism and Hospitality sectors. With our expertise, we can assist clients in the Caribbean in various aspects of their economic development. The Caribbean region is known for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant tourism industry. We can support tourism authorities and agencies in developing strategic plans and positioning destinations to attract visitors. Additionally, we can conduct market studies to identify opportunities for growth and expansion in the region's main industries.

Our team of experts is well-versed in conducting due diligence and valuation exercises in the Tourism and Hospitality sectors. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in the Caribbean's economic landscape. By compiling relevant data and conducting thorough analyses, we can provide clients with valuable insights to support their investment decisions. Whether it is estimating the value of assets, companies, or projects, our analysts have the knowledge and expertise to deliver accurate and reliable assessments.

Furthermore, we offer feasibility studies and business plans tailored to the specific circumstances of the Caribbean. We recognize that each country in the region has its own economic development goals and challenges. Our team has experience in analyzing T&H projects and assets in different countries, adapting our approach to the local and regional context. Through our comprehensive analyses, we can provide clients with actionable recommendations to drive investment, growth, or restructuring initiatives in the Caribbean's Tourism and Hospitality sectors.

Infrastructure & PPP consultants in the Caribbean

At Aninver, we have a wealth of experience in delivering infrastructure projects. Our team of civil engineers, project managers, and specialists are well-versed in the unique challenges and opportunities that the Caribbean presents. We understand the importance of infrastructure in driving economic development and growth in the region.

We can assist in developing strategies and planning to engage stakeholders and ensure transparency throughout the project lifecycle. Our value chain assessments help identify opportunities for local industries to participate in infrastructure projects, promoting economic diversification and job creation. Feasibility and pre-feasibility studies are conducted to assess the viability of projects and provide evidence-based recommendations.

In addition to our transaction advisory services, we offer capacity-building programs for governments in the Caribbean to enhance their understanding and management of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). We have a deep understanding of PPP frameworks, best practices, and international standards, allowing us to provide tailored capacity-building solutions that address the unique challenges faced by Caribbean governments.

Overall, Aninver is committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients in the Caribbean. We work closely with public sector entities, private companies, and financial institutions to offer strategic guidance and innovative solutions that maximize the potential of infrastructure projects. With our extensive experience and multidisciplinary approach, we are well-equipped to support the economic development and growth of the Caribbean region through infrastructure investment.

Other strategic assignments in the Caribbean

Additionally to our sectorial micro expertise, our strategic know-how extends beyond specific sectors, encompassing a wide range of assignments across the Caribbean. From policy formulation to institutional strengthening, Aninver's versatile approach may help create lasting impact in the Caribbean.

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