COVID-19 Resilience and Capacity Building for Community Tourism and Agriculture

  • Jamaica
Duration of assignment

9 months

Year: 2021 - 2022

  • Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF)
Description of project

The assignment aimed to develop user-friendly training manuals tailored to the Community Tourism and Agricultural environments in compliance with the COVID-19 Ministry of Tourism's, Ministry of Health and Wellness', and relevant Municipalities' Health and Safety Protocols. Emergency, Physical Distancing, and Communications and Reporting Plans were also developed for 40 identified Community Tourism and Agricultural entities in collaboration with Agriculture and Community Tourism Enterprises.

The assignment trained 60 COVID-19 Safety Point Persons, 150 Community Tourism stakeholders, and 1,200 farmers in COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols, and provided specialized Train the Trainer facilitation for 200 RADA extension officers and 50 Tourism Product Development Company trainers, regional staff, and other personnel from the Jamaica Tourist Board and Ministry of Tourism.

Services provided
  • Prepared a detailed action plan with implementation timelines.
  • Conducted location assessments and determined the safety and other requirements as dictated by the COVID-19 Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Health and Wellness’ Safety Protocols.
  • Conducted pre-training assessment to ascertain the educational and knowledge level of participants on the subject areas to be taught.
  • Delivered the required COVID-19 Resilience programmes to the selected participants, mainly virtually for forty (40) locations with a minimum of ten (10) participants in some sessions and thirty to fifty (30-50) participants at other locations. The training was delivered using a combination of methods (for example, audio visual aids, lectures, demonstrations, group and individual activities) and at a level appropriate to the understanding of the participants (based on educational level gathered from pre-training assessment).
  • Ensured adequacy of instructional material, made arrangements for the assessment of participants and locations, and liaised with the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) to certify successful locations eligible for TPDCo certification.
  • Liaised with the JSIF, who was responsible for, inter alia, selection of trainees and arranging venues and refreshments, where face-to-face participation was possible.
  • Conducted post training assessment to evaluate (i) the impact of training and (ii) the design and delivery of the training.
  • Prepared a final report on the training to include but not limited to: analysis of pre and post training assessment, lessons learned in the delivery of training, and recommendations. The report included copies of all materials and manuals utilized.


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