Developing a Business Development Strategy for AfDB’s Private Sector Department

  • Ivory Coast
Duration of assignment

5 months

Year: 2015 - 2016

  • African Development Bank
Description of project

The services required under the consulting assignment include the technical design of a business development framework to fit the strategy of the private sector department of the client. More concretely, the object of the contract included:

  • A detailed implementation plan;
  • A process for the assessment of projects and market analysis (by country and sector);
  • A process for the review of business opportunities;
  • Recommendations for the organizational, process and system changes required;
  • Recommendations for governance and organisational structures;
  • Development of training materials and training, where required;
  • And an implementation schedule and post implementation assessment and review.
Services provided
  • Inception Report and Project Understanding: Literature review, analysis of best practices and previous experiences
  • Analysis to structure the problem: Conducted different analysis of clients, businesses, databases, etc
  • Definition of the Business Development Frameworks requested by the client
  • Preparation of Organizational Design and implications
  • Final Report


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