Post-COVID-19 'new normal' study on textile and fashion value chains in for private sector

  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
Duration of assignment

9 months

Year: 2020 - 2021

  • African Development Bank
Description of project

The goal of the AfDB’s Fashionomics Africa platform is to enable African entrepreneurs operating in the Textile, Apparel and Accessories (TA&A) industry to create and grow their businesses, with a focus on women and youth. The specific objectives of the platform are four-fold: (i) increase access to markets (by developing a full scale platform including wholesale and retail platforms) and market intelligence; (ii) increase access to finance (the platform will, among other things, facilitate access to finance, not only by connecting designers with commercial banks and established investors but also by tapping into alternative financing channels, such as crowdfunding mechanisms, and linking them to angel and venture capital investors); (iii) provide mentorship and networking opportunities; and (iv) develop skills and qualifications (tutorials/training on produce high-quality garment but also business acumen on how to prepare business plan, etc.) of the target group.

Services provided

The expected deliverables are as follows. The approach and timeline will have to be adapted to the evolving context of the (post-)COVID-19 crisis and related travel restrictions. The collection of quality primary data is essential for the success of this assignment.

Phase 1

• Inception report in line with the TOR, detailing the proposed methodology and annotated outline. It will include a situational analysis in the selected countries and a work program with a list of periodic deliverables and corresponding timeframes. The work program needs to include a list of potential risks and limitations to completion of the assignment and ways in which these risks will be addressed. The Inception Report should be submitted 2 weeks after the beginning of the assignment;

• An internal Stakeholder meeting at AfDB Headquarters to present on the overall methodology and approach and following which the revised report that addresses comments received will be validated by AfDB;

Phase 2

• Primary data collection in the context of field work in the selected countries in collaboration with the AfDB country offices/regional hubs (+300 stakeholders surveys);

• 1st draft study to be submitted 8 weeks after the validation of the inception report. The draft report should be accompanied by a file containing clearly labelled separate excel sheets containing the raw data analyzed for the report and its conclusions and recommendations;

• AfDB Peer Review within 2 weeks;

• Final Study to be submitted 3 weeks after receipt of comments from the Bank (in English) including an executive summary (in English and French, max. 8 pages);

• AfDB Peer Review and validation of the Final Report within 2 weeks;

• Edited version of the validated report submitted by the consultant within 2 weeks, including a brochure that can be used for dissemination and advocacy purposes;

• The final study will include a PPT presentation summarizing main outcomes that will serve as an advocacy document to external partners, findings, and a document of recommendations from the study on the design and implementation for future AfDB interventions. The final report should include the analyzed final excel data sheets and background documents as requested by the Task Manager;

• An internal Stakeholder meeting at AfDB Headquarters to present on the final study within 2 weeks from submission of final report.

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