Design and development delivery of IT platform and training for Souk At-tanmia project

  • Tunisia
Duration of assignment

12 months

Year: 2016 - 2017

  • African Development Bank
Description of project

Aninver was hired by the African Development Bank to design a website and an IT platform with e- learning component and to provide entrepreneurship training to support the Souk At-tanmia, which helps entrepreneurs in Tunisia to develop their start-up projects. The project included:

  • Development of a website and IT platform to manage the whole program, since reception of applications until provision of financing to the selected candidates
  • Upgrade of the on-line application questionnaire of Souk At-tanmia and development of a test measuring entrepreneurial capacity to be included in the application questionnaire
  • Preparation of a training need assessment for a target group of NGOs and public sector stakeholders that are active in the entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Development of training content (for physical training and e-learning)
  • Delivery of an in-presence training related to entrepreneurship to NGOs and civil servants
  • Maintenance of the website and IT platform.
Services provided
  • Development of IT platform for management of entrepreneurship program in Tunisia
  • E-learning platform
  • Training to NGOs and government official across 18 regions in Tunisia
  • Development of program website
  • Entrepreneurship test


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