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Aninver Development Partners is a consulting company with significant experience in the Tourism and Hospitality sectors (T&H). We are an innovative and dynamic company serving public authorities and governments, development financial institutions and private clients around the world in different kinds of T&H-related consulting assignments.

We can support our clients in almost any type of consulting assignment within T&H, which includes market studies, market positioning, valuations, due diligences (technical, commercial, financial), feasibility studies, concept plans, strategic plans, business plans, feasibility studies, growth and expansion strategies, financing, restructuring, cost optimization plans, privatizations or any other type of technical or management consulting assignment.

Aninver has project experience in T&H- related assignments in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Tourism is recognized as a very important lever for development in emerging economies. Our partners combine +25 years of consulting experience in +50 countries (in four continents) with top-notch project experience and know-how in the T&H sectors.

Our range of services in this line of activity is the following:

Strategic Planning and Positioning of Tourism Destinations

Tourism is becoming of more relevance for many emerging economies. Aninver can support Tourism authorities and agencies in the development of tourism products, strategic positioning of destinations, cities or countries, collaboration plans with the private sector, value chain analysis and other strategic issues to ensure proper tourism development. We have also experience as medical tourism consultants. Contact us for any problem you have in terms of strategic analysis of tourism destinations.

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Due Dilligences and Valuation

Our analysts have deep knowledge of compiling relevant data of the T&H sector that are the base of a solid analysis, either for due diligence or estimates of value of hotel assets, companies or projects in the T&H sectors.

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Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

Our team of experts has developed feasibility studies in a wide range of T&H asset classes. Our analysis can back investment, growth, or restructuring decisions. We have analyzed T&H projects and assets in different countries of three continents, adapting our approach to the local / regional circumstances.

Other services we offer to hotel owners/investors include:

Other services we offer to hotel operators include:

  • Market studies
  • Business and Strategic plans
  • Expansion assignments
  • Refurbishments
  • New projects

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Concept and Master Plans

Our experience includes the development of concept or masters plans, for public entities or for corporations. We can support our clients to create or to update their strategy from a global perspective, designing T&H concepts and master plans that adapt to every market and technical circumstances.

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Capacity Building of tourism administration and authorities

Our consultancy company specializes in delivering transformative capacity building services for tourism public administrations and authorities. Through our leadership and management training programs, we empower public sector professionals with the necessary skills to lead effectively, make informed decisions, and drive positive change. Our interactive workshops and seminars focus on fostering strategic thinking, enhancing communication and collaboration, and promoting innovative problem-solving. By investing in the professional development of public sector leaders, we contribute to building strong and resilient organizations capable of addressing the complex challenges of today's society. Together, we can create a more efficient and responsive public sector that delivers impactful services to citizens.

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Ecotourism and Sustainable tourism

We specialize in providing sustainable solutions for organizations involved in the tourism industry. We recognize that organizations operating in this sector strive to strike a delicate balance between promoting tourism and preserving the natural and cultural heritage of their destinations.

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