Strategic positioning and tourism master plan; Kibuye, Karongi, Rwanda

  • Rwanda
Duration of assignment

6 months

Year: 2017 - 2018

  • World Bank
Description of project

Although Rwanda experienced healthy growth in both arrivals and tourism investment, the Government required a significant acceleration in growth. Within the sector, the WBG identified two key constraints to accelerated growth: on one hand, there was a lack of a tourism regulatory body and an unclear, inconsistent regulatory framework; on the other hand, tourism activities were concentrated in just two areas, Kigali and Virunga. The area of Kibuye in the District of Karongi was identified as one of the focus areas to develop in order to diversify tourism activities beyond Kigali and Virunga. Our firm was selected to undertake a comprehensive exercise in positioning and master planning for that area.

Services provided
  • Developing a market positioning for the destination
  • Conducting a visioning exercise with stakeholders
  • Identifying all barriers and challenges, and potential solutions if possible
  • Developing a tourism master plan for the Karongi District
  • Developing a time-bound action plan for the implementation of the master plan


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