Strategic growth and expansion plan for the hotel chain

  • Spain
Duration of assignment

4 months

Year: 2021

  • B Bou Hotels
Area of Expertise
Description of project

The Malaga hotel chain B Bou Hotels had three different business lines, with a structured value proposition that had allowed them to obtain good financial results in the years prior to 2020. In recent years, the group had undertaken several growth projects in different locations in Andalusia with different results. To order this growth process, the consultant would have supported the company in the development of a Strategic Growth Plan tailored to the chain, and taking into account the business vision of the owners and the capabilities of the group.

Based on the conversations with the management of B Bou Hotels, the work was structured as follows:

Phase 1: diagnosis of the current situation
Phase 2: design of the strategic growth and expansion plan for the hotel chain

Services provided

Phase 1: diagnosis of the client's current situation: during this initial phase, the consultants carry out an in-depth analysis of the company's current capacity, the business portfolio it offers and other relevant aspects that allow an accurate diagnosis of the current situation and design a viable and ideal strategic plan for the client's capabilities and thus achieve better results. The main tasks will be:

• Visits and collection of relevant information

• Meetings with the client for data collection

• Analysis of the current organizational, corporate, economic-financial and business situation

• Analysis of the current offer of B Bou Hotels

• Definition and analysis of key sectors and growth levers

• Preparation of the diagnostic document

Phase 2: Design of the Strategic Growth Plan (PEC): The PEC will define the roadmap and the measures to be implemented in the short and medium-long term. An action plan and a series of recommendations tailored to the client will be drawn up, identifying opportunities for improvement and optimal growth paths. The main tasks of this phase will be:

• Analysis of options

• Analysis of key aspects in each alternative and selection of the strategic growth path

• Meeting with the client to validate results and ask additional questions.

• Preparation of the final document of the Growth Plan

• Final presentation to the client of the Growth Plan

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