Support to a leading Spanish hotel operator in its expansion process in Tunisia

  • Tunisia
Duration of assignment

5 months

Year: 2014

  • Hoteles Playa Senator
Area of Expertise
Description of project

Aninver supported Grupo Hoteles Playa, one of the leading Spanish Leisure Hotel Operators, in its expansion process into Tunisia. Hoteles Playa has annual turnover of approx. 110 MM € and operates 31 hotels, with more than 10,000 rooms. The company, assisted by InfraPPP, signed a leasing contract for the operation of a new hotel in Djerba island, with the following parameters:

  • 269 rooms, seaside location
  • 15 years leasing contract
  • Annual rent approx. 750,000 € in year 3
  • Estimated annual revenues for the hotel in year 3: 4,000,000 €
  • Investments for the repositioning of the hotel to the new standards: approx. 500,000 €
Services provided
  • Djerba hotel market study
  • Identification of expansion opportunities
  • Agency services for the leasing of the new Djerba Playa Club Hotel
  • Support to the client in the preparation and signing of the contract
  • Asset improvement plan


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