Digital skills training for public and private actors in the tourism industry

  • Senegal
Duration of assignment

4 months

Year: 2022

  • World Bank
Description of project

The objective of this assignment was to design and deliver a capacity building program to improve the digital capacities of key stakeholders in the tourism sector, including the private and the public sector. The program focused on increasing their knowledge and adoption of digital technologies and innovation to enable growth of the Senegal tourism industry. The target audience of the training program were i) decision-makers and technical staff from the Ministry of Tourism and Air Transport (MTTA), the Senegalese Agency for Tourism Promotion (ASPT), the Tourism Development and Investment Promotion Company (SAPCO) and other relevant public agencies and administrations, and ii) local SMEs, to boost online presence and support in matchmaking with digital platforms.

As of June of 2023, Aninver has signed a new contract with the WBG to expand this project to The Gambia.

Services provided
  • Stakeholder mapping and needs assessment to determine the current gaps and opportunities in digital capacities across the sector
  • Development of e-learning platform to encourage participation
  • Capacity-building activities, including webinars, practical workshops and group sessions
  • Evaluation of training progress


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