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Aninver has established itself as a trusted and experienced development consulting firm in Tunisia, contributing to the country's economic growth and development. With a diverse portfolio of projects, we have successfully supported public and private sector clients in various domains. Here are four notable projects that showcase our consulting experience in Tunisia:

a) Support to a Leading Spanish Hotel Operator in its Expansion Process in Tunisia: Aninver provided valuable support to a prominent Spanish hotel operator during its expansion process in Tunisia. Our team offered strategic guidance and market analysis to facilitate the operator's entry into the Tunisian hospitality sector. Through our in-depth understanding of the local market dynamics, regulatory framework, and industry trends, we assisted the client in making informed decisions, identifying opportunities, and mitigating risks.

b) Design and Development Delivery of IT Platform and Training for Souk at Tanmia Project: Aninver played a crucial role in the design, development, and delivery of an IT platform for the Souk at Tanmia project in Tunisia. This innovative initiative aimed to create an online marketplace for small businesses, enabling them to showcase and sell their products. Our expertise in IT solutions and training ensured the successful implementation of the platform, empowering local entrepreneurs and fostering economic growth in Tunisia.

c) Feasibility Study for Creation of an Investment and Export Promotion Agency of Health Services: Aninver conducted a comprehensive feasibility study for the establishment of an investment and export promotion agency focused on health services in Tunisia. Through rigorous analysis and market research, we evaluated the potential of the health sector, identified key investment opportunities, and formulated strategic recommendations. Our study provided a roadmap for attracting investments, promoting exports, and enhancing the competitiveness of Tunisia's health services.

d) Impact Evaluation of the Tunisian Rural and Agricultural Chains of Employment Program (TRACE): Aninver conducted an impact evaluation of the TRACE program in Tunisia, which aimed to improve rural livelihoods and agricultural employment. Through data collection, analysis, and stakeholder engagement, we assessed the program's outcomes and identified areas of success and areas for improvement. Our evaluation provided valuable insights into the program's impact, contributing to evidence-based decision-making and the enhancement of future rural and agricultural development initiatives.

These projects highlight Aninver's consulting expertise in Tunisia, where we combine local knowledge with international best practices to deliver tailored solutions. Our experience spans sectors such as hospitality, entrepreneurship, health services, and rural development, enabling us to address the diverse needs of our clients. Through our strategic guidance, market analysis, and impact evaluations, we aim to drive sustainable growth, create opportunities, and foster positive change in Tunisia.

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