Alternatives and definition of proposal for the repositioning of a 3* hotel in Marbella

  • Spain
Duration of assignment

2 months

Year: 2021

  • Hotel San Cristobal
Area of Expertise
Description of project

The project consisted in carrying out an analysis of the repositioning alternatives for the hotel, including the possible move to 4 * and the possible change of the operating model from the current own management to franchise / management by third parties / leasing, proposing the optimal solution for the property based on to a complete analysis with detailed and robust assumptions and projections.

Services provided

Phase 1: Analysis of the current situation, the market and the viable alternatives for repositioning

Visits and collection of relevant hotel information

Market information

Analysis of the current organizational, corporate, economic-financial and business situation of the hotel

Current offer and competition analysis

Definition of alternatives

Economic and qualitative analysis of alternatives

Preparation of the summary presentation of phase 1

Meeting with the client to validate the results of this phase

Phase 2: Deep-dive in the "preferred" alternative; analysis of the concept, support in its definition, business plan and roadmap

Project conceptualization

Preparation of business projections in the medium term

Preparation of recommendations for the implementation of the plan, including greater depth in the aspects that are most relevant

Definition of the work plan, actions, responsible for the implementation phase

Report with conclusions and recommendations and final presentation to the client

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