Hotel Development in Ardales (Malaga, Spain)

  • Spain
Duration of assignment

2 months

Year: 2019

  • Mr. Derek Leonard Ellis
Area of Expertise
Description of project

Aninver was contracted to support the development or divestment of a potential hotel project located in Ardales (Malaga, Spain).

Services provided

- Analysis of the existing project with a list of changes and improvements for architect, financial projections and business concept.

- Assess the potential market: identify and size target tourist segments, compile and analyze STR market data of a competitive set to define key parameters of the projected hotel, analyze other similar successful projects…

- Define a new concept for the hotel and work with the owner’s architect to prepare new project design.

- Review project costs and prepare new financial projections for 10 years.

- Market test the new concept with hotel chains to sound potential interest in leasing the asset and their views on projected facilities (e.g. number of rooms, room size, F&B, outlets…) and services.

- Conclusions and recommendations of the study, including alternatives for the owner and proposed roadmap.

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