Feasibility study for the development of the Fashionomics Online Platform

  • Ivory Coast
Duration of assignment

5 months

Year: 2016

  • African Development Bank
Description of project

The purpose of this project was to undertake a market and user study with the aim of developing an online interactive market place for African MSMEs in the textile and fashion industry in Africa.

This study specifically looked at the fashion sector as an important contributor to economic growth and job creation in Africa, especially for women and youth. The study provided insights and a clear understanding of the target groups in terms of:

(i) Their demographics (Age, Gender, Education level) and type of business (Apparel, Accessories),

(ii) Maturity of their business and

(iii) key challenges that they face in running their businesses.

Furthermore, the consultants analyzed what extent people in this sector operate in the formal and the informal sector based on disaggregated data, and how this platform could reach out to the two sectors.

Services provided
  • Analysis of the textile and fashion sector in Ethiopia and Côte d’Ivoire
  • Analysis of industry value chain: input,marketing, distribution and payment
  • Study of the use of technology in the industry and in general;
  • Definition of the technological requirements of the platform;
  • Design of a prototype platform;


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