PPP Transaction Advisory services

Aninver is specialized in supporting governments, public authorities and private developers to plan, design and create infrastructure plans and programs and the specific procurement Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) projects.

Aninver provides specialised transaction advisory services (TAS) with regards to PPPs. Transaction advisory involves transaction planning, feasibility analysis, procurement and institutionalisation.

Aninver works with governments providing support throughout the project lifecycle from project conception and registration to the transaction process. Our supports goes beyond the conclusion of the procurement processes into project implementation.

Aninver's team is composed of civil engineers and finance experts in infrastructure projects. We usually partner with legal advisors and create a PPP transaction advisory team with multidisciplinar experience to make sure we deliver the right advise to our clients. Our team of seasoned professionals brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in providing comprehensive transaction advisory services tailored specifically to PPP projects.

What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients. We work closely with public sector entities, private companies, and financial institutions to provide strategic guidance and innovative solutions that maximize the potential of PPP initiatives.

Our Transaction Advisory Services for PPP Projects include:

PPP Feasibility Studies

We conduct detailed assessments to evaluate the viability and potential risks of proposed PPP projects. Our experts analyze technical, financial, legal, and regulatory aspects to provide a comprehensive feasibility study report that helps stakeholders make informed decisions. We always try to design bankable feasibility studies that can help projects move to the next stage.

We have executed feasibility studies around the world, in countries such as Zambia and Ghana.

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PPP Financial Structuring

Our team excels in designing optimal financial structures for PPP projects. We assist clients in creating robust financial models, identifying potential funding sources, and optimizing risk allocation strategies. Our goal is to ensure the financial sustainability and attractiveness of the project to both public and private participants.

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Due Diligence of PPP projects and construction companies

We are expert consultants in the construction industry. We conduct thorough due diligence exercises to assess project risks, identify critical issues, and mitigate potential challenges. Our experts review contractual arrangements, financial projections, legal documentation, and operational aspects to provide clients with a clear understanding of the project's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

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Transaction Negotiation and Support

Our experienced negotiators assist clients in navigating complex transaction negotiations. We work diligently to protect our clients' interests, optimize deal terms, and facilitate mutually beneficial agreements between public and private sector stakeholders.

Post-Transaction Support

Our commitment doesn't end with the transaction. We provide ongoing support to ensure the successful implementation and monitoring of PPP projects. Our experts help clients with performance monitoring, contract compliance, risk management, and stakeholder engagement to enhance project outcomes.

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