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At Aninver, we take pride in our extensive experience in executing and reviewing feasibility studies for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects across the globe. With a diverse portfolio of successful ventures, we have demonstrated our expertise in assessing the viability and maximizing the potential of PPP initiatives. Let's delve into some of our noteworthy projects:

Feasibility Study for a New Marina in the Island of San Andrés through PPP: Located in the beautiful island of San Andrés, this project involved conducting a thorough feasibility study for the development of a new marina through a PPP model. Our experts meticulously evaluated various factors, including market demand, potential revenue streams, regulatory requirements, and environmental considerations. The study provided valuable insights into the project's economic viability and served as a blueprint for successful implementation.

Pre-feasibility Study for Construction of Silo Storages in Northern Ghana through PPP: In Northern Ghana, we undertook a pre-feasibility study for the construction of silo storages, addressing the region's pressing need for proper grain storage facilities. Our study involved assessing market demand, infrastructure requirements, financial viability, and potential stakeholders' interest. The findings guided decision-making and laid the foundation for attracting private sector participation, enabling efficient and sustainable grain storage solutions to support local agricultural development.

Feasibility Study of Car Park PPP Project in Bishkek: Aninver conducted a comprehensive feasibility study for a car park PPP project in Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan. Our experts evaluated factors such as location analysis, parking demand, revenue projections, operational considerations, and legal and regulatory frameworks. The study offered valuable insights into the financial viability and operational feasibility of the project, facilitating decision-making and serving as a roadmap for successful implementation.

Feasibility Study of Markets in Benin and Togo under PPP Scheme: We undertook a feasibility study for markets in Benin and Togo, evaluating the potential for market development and management through PPP arrangements. Our experts conducted market analysis, demand assessment, financial modeling, and stakeholder consultations to determine the feasibility and optimal operational structure of the proposed markets. The study provided valuable recommendations to enhance market efficiency, attract private sector involvement, and stimulate economic growth in both countries.

Public Private Partnership (PPPs) Study in the Housing Sector in Egypt: Aninver conducted a comprehensive study focused on assessing the feasibility of PPPs in the housing sector in Egypt. Our experts evaluated the regulatory framework, market dynamics, financing options, and risk mitigation strategies. The study provided critical insights into the potential for private sector participation in addressing the housing demand in Egypt, offering recommendations to optimize PPP models and attract investment for sustainable housing development.

Review of Business Case for Manila Central Subway: Aninver conducted an in-depth review of the business case for the Manila Central Subway project in the Philippines. Our experts critically assessed the project's financial, economic, and technical aspects, ensuring alignment with international best practices and local requirements. The review provided valuable recommendations to enhance project feasibility, optimize financial arrangements, and maximize the project's long-term benefits for the region.

First Mover PPP Prefeasibility Study: We conducted a prefeasibility study for a pioneering PPP project, evaluating its viability and potential impact. Our experts conducted market analysis, financial modeling, risk assessment, and stakeholder consultations to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the project's feasibility. The study enabled the client to make informed decisions, demonstrating the potential for successful PPP implementation and attracting interest from potential investors and stakeholders.

Review of the Feasibility Study of the PPP Project Complejo El Brillante, in Cordoba (Spain): In Cordoba, Spain, we conducted a detailed review of the feasibility study for the PPP project Complejo El Brillante. Our experts critically assessed the project's financial assumptions, technical feasibility, market demand projections, and risk analysis. The review provided valuable insights and recommendations to refine the project's scope, improve financial viability, and ensure alignment with best practices. This comprehensive review enabled our client to enhance project implementation strategies and increase the project's chances of success.

Review of Pre-feasibility Study of a Health PPP Project: We conducted a thorough review of the pre-feasibility study for a Health PPP project, critically analyzing the project's technical, financial, and operational aspects. Our experts assessed the demand for healthcare services, financial viability, legal and regulatory considerations, and risk management strategies. The review provided valuable insights and recommendations to optimize project implementation, enhance stakeholder collaboration, and ensure sustainable healthcare service delivery.

Through our expertise in executing and reviewing feasibility studies, Aninver has consistently delivered valuable insights and actionable recommendations for PPP projects around the world. Our comprehensive analysis and strategic guidance assist governments, public entities, and private sector clients in maximizing project success, attracting investment, and driving sustainable development. Explore our diverse range of projects and experience the power of our feasibility studies today.

We have executed feasibility studies around the world, in countries such as Zambia and Ghana.

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