Review of pre-feasibility study of a Health PPP project

  • Spain
Duration of assignment

3 months

Year: 2014

  • Grupo Vera
Description of project

The project consisted of developing a new private hospital of 11,215 sqm through a PPP scheme. The hospital included 50 rooms, an Urgency Unit, 5 surgery rooms, a day care center, a radiotherapy area, a radiology area, intensive care services, a pharmacy, a rehabilitation area, a hemodynamics department, an assisted reproduction unit, a laboratory, and external consultation services. Additionally, an elderly home with 150 beds was part of the project. The total budget for the project was approximately 25 million Euros.

Services provided

- Study the current situation of the concession

- Analyze the market for health services in the South of the province of Granada (catchment area of the new hospital)

- Update operational and financial parameters of the existing pre-feasibility study

- Perform a complete economic and financial review of the project

- Assess on the feasibility of the project to the client to take a decision on continuing or

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