Review of the feasibility study of the PPP project Complejo El Brillante, in Cordoba (Spain)

  • Spain
Duration of assignment

3 months

Year: 2014

  • Grupo Vera
Area of Expertise
Description of project

The mentioned project consists on the development of a Tertiary Complex of 21.096,66 m² that includes:

• Retail spaces: 3.370,14 m²

• Hotel: 3.607,98 m²

• Offices: 2.545,45 m²

• Leisure and catering: 1.369,90 m²

• Wellness Center: 10.203,19 m²

• Car park: 322 spaces

The total investment of the project is over 40 million euros.

Services provided

- Update operational and financial parameters of the existing feasibility study

- Perform a complete economic and financial review of the project

- Contact and negotiation with potential equity partners

- Search for potential banks to arrange a project loan

- Contact and negotiation with potential financial institutions

- Assess on the feasibility of the project to the client to take a decision on continuing or discontinuing the project

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