Legal and Technical Evaluation of a construction company in Turkey

  • Turkey
Duration of assignment

6 months

Year: 2017

  • International Finance Corporation
Area of Expertise
Description of project

The assignment involved conducting a desk review of a Turkey-based large contractor and a sample of its main construction contracts, in order to establish if the company is suitable to receive the IFC’s economical support. This includes two main blocks of activities: the competitive analysis of the construction sector in the country and the review of a set of construction contracts.

Services provided
  • Construction market analysis of 10 countries
  • An assessment of selected key contractual terms including performance and payment bonds, letters of credit, scope, schedule, cost and payment, damages, changes, warranties and performance guarantees, project acceptance and testing.
  • Considering the various components of project execution to identify conflicts, omissions, and misunderstandings regarding the roles and responsibilities of the parties.
  • Comment on the existing construction equipment the company owns, its utilization rates, and remaining life.
  • Reviewing price estimates of the proposed new construction equipment to be purchased for reasonableness and assessing needs/rationale.
  • Evaluating the company’s approach to procurement and comment on the Project Management Tools the company has for controlling costs and schedule.
  • Commenting on the Quality Control and Safety procedures employed on their projects.
  • Setting up of a Risk Management tool for EPC Contracts what are the examples of good practices.
  • How best to set up Value Engineering in company as a tool for an EPC contractor.
  • Evaluating the company’s organization structure and benchmarking versus other comparable construction companies.
  • Type of technical training and skills they need for the transition to EPC projects.
  • Benchmarking the company’s technical capabilities to other comparable construction companies in the world.
  • Review of tracking systems for variation orders.
  • Review of company’s existing progress reports and comparison with good industry practices.
  • Comparison with other construction companies in the region in terms of skills, expertise, labour rates.


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