Financial advise for the acquisition of two road concession projects in Colombia (Program 4G)

  • Colombia
Duration of assignment

2 months

Year: 2016

  • Grant Thornton
Area of Expertise
Description of project

Aninver was hired by Grant Thornton to analyse two road concessions in Colombia with an investment value of USD800 million. Aninver provided technical and financial advisory services to analyze the risks associated to the acquisition of a stake in the projects and to prepare an investment valuation for the acquisition.

The final client was Cofides, a Spanish public company that invests in private sectors’ projects around the world, together with private Spanish companies.

Services provided
  • Analysis of key documents and study of the concessions
  • Review the financial model of each of the concession
  • Economic and financial valuation of the concessions
  • Analysis of risks associated to the transaction
  • Benchmarking and analysis of comparable transactions


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