Legal, Technical & Financial Due Diligence of a construction company in Egypt

  • Egypt
Duration of assignment

1 months

Year: 2016

  • International Finance Corporation
Area of Expertise
Description of project

Aninver has been hired by the IFC for the assessment of an Egyptian construction company, with the goal of obtaining an accurate picture of its balance, portfolio of work, and its positioning in the market. The assessment is conducted from the technical, economic and legal perspectives.

Aninver is a leading consulting firm in Egypt. We have an extensive network of collaborators in all sectors.

Services provided
  • An assessment of selected key contractual terms including performance and payment bonds, letters of credit, scope, schedule, cost and payment, damages, changes, warranties and performance guarantees, project acceptance and testing.
  • Considering the various components of project execution to identify conflicts, omissions, and misunderstandings regarding the roles and responsibilities of the parties.
  • Comment on the existing construction equipment the company owns, its utilization rates, and remaining life.
  • Reviewing price estimates of the proposed new construction equipment to be purchased for reasonableness and assessing needs/rationale.
  • Evaluating the company’s approach to procurement and comment on the Project Management Tools the company has for controlling costs and schedule.
  • Commenting on the Quality Control and Safety procedures employed on their projects.
  • Setting up of a Risk Management tool for EPC Contracts what are the examples of good practices.
  • How best to set up Value Engineering in company as a tool for an EPC contractor.
  • Evaluating the company’s organization structure and benchmarking versus other comparable construction companies.
  • Type of technical training and skills they need for the transition to EPC projects.
  • Commenting on the relevance and risk of having a work force base of 2000 permanent and 9000 temporary employees including a review of the Manual to Non-Manual work force ratio.
  • Benchmarking the company’s technical capabilities to other comparable construction companies in the world.
  • Review of tracking systems for variation orders.
  • Review of company’s existing progress reports and comparison with good industry practices.
  • Comparison with other construction companies in the region in terms of skills, expertise, labour rates.


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