Transport PPP market assessment study

  • United States
Duration of assignment

3 months

Year: 2017 - 2018

  • World Bank
Area of Expertise
Description of project

The main purpose of this assignment was to obtain an overall view of the emerging trends in transport subsectors that changed the transport PPP market in terms of potential transaction volumes, how projects were tackled, how financing tools evolved, and how countries prepared to assume these new challenges. Additionally, a more detailed analysis was required with a list of regions, countries, and projects that played a major role in transport infrastructure development in the following 5 years.

Services provided

The Consultant prepared a two-part document consisting of:

  • Part 1 was developed according to the latest sectoral reports, summarizing the most important changes in the previous 5 years and projecting trends expected to succeed in the following 5 years. This included information on the type of projects, how they were financed, changes in the profile of investors, and how different public agencies were preparing to attract private investors in the immediate future.

  • Part 2 focused on a more detailed analysis by sector/region, identifying infrastructure plans or trends, and grouping projects where possible based on common themes/factors such as risk-sharing parameters or required guarantees. Country and project details were included only when there was certainty that the environment for developing PPP projects was adequate and IFC had a chance to participate in project financing based on the criteria shared with the Consultant.


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