Preparation of a Regulatory Impact Analysis of the Adoption of a Carbon Pricing Instrument

  • Brazil
Duration of assignment

16 months

Year: 2018 - 2019

  • World Bank
Description of project

IBRD is hiring consultancy services to support Ministry of Finance staff in Brasilia in the implementation of Brazil´s Market Readiness Proposal (MRP). The specific purpose of the present contract is to assist the General Coordination of Environment and Climate Change (COMAC) of the Ministry of Finance’s Economic Policy Secretariat (SPE) to implement Component 2b of the Brazil MRP, specifically as regards conducting the Regulatory Impact Analysis of the adoption of carbon pricing instruments. The aim of the proposal to evaluate the adoption of emission pricing instruments in Brazil after 2020 is to seek ways to reduce GHG emissions cost-effectively, minimizing the need to allocate new government expenditure on achieving Brazil´s climate policy goals during a period of fiscal restraint.

Services provided
  • Implementation Strategy and Analysis of the Reference Scenario
  • Survey of additional data for enhancing the Reference Scenario and Pricing Instrument Package Scenarios
  • Presentation of the RIA methodology
  • Comparison and impacts analysis Scenarios
  • Consolidation of results, synthesis of the consultation stages, and preparation of the proposal


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