Sustainable Mobility Strategic Plan

  • Spain
Duration of assignment

3 months

Year: 2023

Description of project

The project focuses on segmenting the technological ecosystem of services across various verticals, emphasizing sustainable mobility, technologies, and key trends. This comprehensive initiative involves a detailed analysis of:

  • Public and private transportation, including intermodal (road, rail, air, and maritime) and automotive sectors (electrification, autonomous and connected vehicles).
  • Digital services in transport and signaling infrastructures.
  • Smart cities.
  • Transportation security.
  • Mobility as a Service.
  • Air transport vehicles with vertical takeoff and landing.
  • Emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, cloud computing, and quantum computing.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Big data and data analytics.

The project also entails a market analysis of the services identified above in approximately ten key geographic markets (countries). This analysis will assess the current and future market potential of these services, identify principal players in those markets, and explore potential business prospects for the company.

Additionally, the project involves an analysis of the company's current project portfolio, evaluating its relevance to the strategic plan development. A valuation of the company's existing network of approximately 200 partners is also included, focusing on their capabilities, past projects, and results to understand their strategic fit within the service ecosystem and targeted countries. This will help derive insights for the strategic plan development.

Lastly, the project includes identifying potential companies for acquisition or partnership, segmented by business area and geography, to foster organic and inorganic growth for the client.

Services provided

As a consultant for this project, services include:

  • Thorough segmentation and identification of specific services within the technological ecosystem.
  • Detailed market analysis in key geographic locations, evaluating market potential, key players, and business prospects.
  • Analysis of the client's current project portfolio, drawing relevant conclusions to aid in strategic planning.
  • Assessment of the current partner network, evaluating their capabilities and contributions to understand their alignment with the strategic objectives.
  • Identifying potential acquisition or partnership opportunities, tailored to specific business areas and geographies.
  • Preparation of necessary presentations and providing general support in the compilation and preparation of all project documents for the end client.


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