Strategic and Transformation Plan

  • Spain
Duration of assignment

2 months

Year: 2021

Description of project

The client is one of the main Spanish private investigation companies. The company works in 15 different sectors (Financial, Insurance, Real Estate, Prevention of Money Laundering, Compliance, Consultants and Law Firms, Industrial Property, HR Departments, Utilities, ...) with a wide portfolio of solutions and services, adapted to each sector, and in which technology plays an increasingly decisive role.

The client was interested in approaching, in a practical and focused way, in parallel to the implementation of the new brand, a Plan Strategic Business Continuation and Transformation, analyzing possible future strategic options and improving the governance structure and decision-making at the highest executive level.

Services provided

Phase I: Diagnosis

• Launch meeting and compilation of relevant info

• Round of interviews with key personnel

• Analysis of the current organizational, corporate, government, economic-financial and business

• Legal analysis of strategic options

• Analysis of current offer of solutions and market National and international

• Definition and analysis of sectors and levers

• Preparation of the diagnostic document

• Meeting with the client to validate results

Phase II: Strategic Plan

• Master / strategic lines of the plan

• Definition of key actions in each strategic line

• Preparation of mid-term business projections


• Preparation of recommendations for

implementation of the plan, including topics

organizational and corporate governance

• Definition of the work plan, actions, responsible

for the implementation phase

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