Provide IT platform support and training for Souk At-tanmia project.

  • Tunisia
Duration of assignment

12 months

Year: 2016 - 2017

  • African Development Bank
Description of project

The tasks included designing a website and IT platform with an e-learning component, developing the website and IT platform, upgrading the online application questionnaire for Souk At-tanmia, and creating a test to measure entrepreneurial capacity. A training need assessment was conducted for NGOs and public sector stakeholders involved in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Training content was developed in both static and dynamic formats for use on the IT platform. Face-to-face training sessions were delivered to NGOs and civil servants, and ongoing maintenance of the website and IT platform was performed.

Services provided

- Development of IT platform for management of entrepreneurship program in Tunisia

- E-learning platform

- Training to NGOs and government official across 18 regions in Tunisia

- Development of program website

- Entrepreneurship test

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