PPP Knowledge Lab

  • Spain
Duration of assignment

12 months

Year: 2016 - 2017

  • World Bank
Area of Expertise
Description of project

The World Bank, along with other MDBs, launched the PPP Knowledge Lab website to increase awareness of PPP issued and provided knowledge resources for implementing PPP transactions.

Their goal was for the PPP Lab to become the go-to site for PPP knowledge. The website provided a comprehensive summary of the PPP life cycle and sector overviews, along with detailed information on each country's PPP activity and infrastructure needs. The Lab also maintained a curated library of searchable PPP resources that was continuously updated. An important component of the website was the consolidation of country-specific information, ensuring that each country page offered accurate and up-to-date data on its PPP activity.

Services provided

- Semiannually, preparing the first draft of the country page summary, including the identification of new sources of relevant Information on PPPs and selection of key resources for the Knowledge Team to review.

- Gathering and updating information from the PPI Database by creating custom queries on active and completed PPP Projects and private investment amount.

- Assisting the team in making required changes to the site, including revising data points including GCI score in the Drupal Interface as needed, updating country summaries, suggesting new resources or data points, etc.

- Web searches for new or updated PPP laws, policies and published guidelines, other supporting legislation and links to the Country’s PPP unit. Monitoring current links to PPP laws and units to ensure they are functioning.

- Gathering and updating information from PPP related publications, including EIU Infrascope and WEF Global Competitiveness Report, to ensure each country page includes the latest data.

- Identification of new studies on countries from official organizations and academic institutions.

- Establish, maintain, and grow relationships with members of the PPP arena on behalf of the PPP Knowledge Lab to obtainQuality, timely information updates.

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