Hotel asset repositioning (Hospitality - Tourism analysis)

  • Spain
Duration of assignment

2 months

Year: 2021

  • Holiday World Group
Description of project

The main objective of the collaboration was to reposition the asset and achieve the expected profitability for the Holiday World Resort property through various alternatives.

Aninver developed a viable repositioning project based on the cost-benefit and multi-criteria analysis of the defined alternatives, as well as other potential options or combinations.

Services provided


New alternatives or intermediates were generated and incorporated into the analysis. The current situation was analyzed, and parameters were defined and established for each alternative. The impact of each alternative was quantitatively analyzed. Key qualitative aspects underwent multi-criteria analysis. A report was created, presenting conclusions and recommendations for the selection of the "preferred" alternative.


Similar successful hotels were benchmarked internationally. The project was conceptualized. Business assumptions and projections were made. Preparations were made for external presentations. Interesting operators for the concept were identified and probed for ideas. A report was generated, providing conclusions and recommendations.

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