Design of online platform to disclose PPP projects in Uganda and training of officials

  • Uganda
Duration of assignment

9 months

Year: 2019

  • World Bank
Description of project

Aninver was hired by the World Bank to prepare an online framework to facilitate disclosure of PPP project, contract and program information to increase transparency and accountability in Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Uganda.

The PPPU expressed confidence in the importance of transparency and accountability in PPPs, considering it crucial for fulfilling its development mandate. It emphasized that transparency increases public awareness, facilitates dialogue, promotes good governance, accountability, and stakeholder engagement. This allowed the public to gain a better understanding of PPPs and participate in informed discussions, ultimately leading to stronger development outcomes.

Services provided

- Assess the existing data on PPP, the current technology infrastructure used and its technical adequacy for disclosure of PPP information.

- Create a customized disclosure portal for the Government of Uganda using the source codes and documentation that have already been produced for the Governments of Ghana, Kenya, Honduras and Nigeria.

- Create a customized user manual using the existing manual.

- Train government counterparts on the use of the portal in the country in a PPP capacity-building exercise.

- Maintain the site and provide technical support during the period of implementation and for a period of six months following completion of work.

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