Analysis of urban mobility in Bogotá

  • Colombia
Duration of assignment

1 months

Year: 2023

Description of project

The project entailed providing professional advisory services to UG21 Colombia for the National Infrastructure Agency's Vice Presidencies through its agreement with the Colombian Socity of Engineers, by analyzing policies, programs, projects, and pre-investment studies within the framework of planning, coordination, structuring, contracting, execution, management, and evaluation of passenger, freight, and mixed railway projects. This comprehensive consultancy aimed to issue technical guidelines and multidimensional evaluation documents to support the Agency's infrastructure development initiatives.

Services provided

The assignment involved the participation of Aninver´s staff as part of a multidisciplinary international team to offer a comprehensive consultancy for the investment report on Bogotá's Metro Line 1. This team, divided into three working groups led by senior experts in infrastructure, urban planning, mobility, and cost-benefit analysis, was tasked with reviewing and recommending strategies based on their expertise to ensure a robust final report. Activities included organizing weekly remote meetings with various teams to discuss progress, providing monthly reports on these meetings and the PMO office's contributions, and conducting preliminary and closing visits to Bogotá to align with thematic areas. This approach ensured the delivery of a well-structured, evidence-based advisory service to support the decision-making processes regarding the city's major infrastructure project. Jose de la Maza was one of the senior experts acting as Public Transportation Expert for the economic and financial analysis of PPP projects.


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