Borja Romero

Borja is a Building Engineer (University of Madrid, Spain), with an M.S. In Project Management (Foundation of Construction, Malaga) and Master of Prevention of Labor Risks. Borja worked for six years in the technical department of Construcciones Sánchez Domínguez-SANDO. During this time, Borja specialized in cost control, project review, measurements, planning projects and preparing documentation for all types of public and private construction projects. After his time at SANDO, Borja worked as a freelancer, supervising construction of various local projects. Borja joined Aninver in 2016, leading in the technical aspects of hospitality and infrastructure assignments, with international experience on several projects in Latin America and Africa.


  • English
  • Spanish

Experience in Countries

Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Panama, Portugal, Paraguay and Uruguay