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    News 07 December, 2023
    Aninver Development Partners has signed a new contract with the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development - ISFD, the poverty alleviation arm of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), for the Feasibility Study for a new ISFD WAQF Project.
    News 07 December, 2023
    Aninver has recently signed a consulting services contract with the Office of the National Authorising Officer (ONAO) of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.


    News 11 February, 2024
    In the development industry, when executing consultancy assignments, it's very common to face the need of conducting a Stakeholder Analysis. This process is not just about mapping interests; it's about forging pathways to sustainable impact by understanding and aligning with the diverse array of stakeholders involved in development projects.Whether it’s infrastructural development, policy reform
    News 28 December, 2023
    Welcome to the second installment of our "Blue Economy Intel" series, where we explore innovative strategies contributing to the sustainable use of oceans and marine resources. In this edition, we delve into the realm of insurance solutions designed to preserve natural ecosystems, with a spotlight on the groundbreaking parametric insurance model initiated by Swiss Re.In post 1 of our series we exp
    News 31 October, 2023
    In a world grappling with the challenges of climate change, dwindling natural resources, and a surging global population, the need for sustainable agriculture has never been more pressing. Sustainable agriculture offers a lifeline - a way to feed the world's billions while preserving our planet for generations to come.Index:1. Definition: What is Sustainable Agriculture?2. Importance of Sustainabl


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