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    News 12 October, 2023
    This week Aninver had the opportunity to present at the Central Headquarters of the Colombian Society of Engineers the current situation of Railways Public-Private Partnerships in the world and the latest trends
    News 13 July, 2023
    InfraPPP and IGPPP have signed a partnership agreement aimed at promoting public investment through PPPs in Tunisia and carrying out large-scale projects within this framework.


    News 31 October, 2023
    In a world grappling with the challenges of climate change, dwindling natural resources, and a surging global population, the need for sustainable agriculture has never been more pressing. Sustainable agriculture offers a lifeline - a way to feed the world's billions while preserving our planet for generations to come.Index:1. Definition: What is Sustainable Agriculture?2. Importance of Sustainabl
    News 26 October, 2023
    Welcome to our series of articles on feasibility studies.What is a Feasibility study?What is a bankable feasibility study?How to do a feasibility study?Feasibility study consultants: expertise neededCost of a feasibility studyCar Park Feasibility Study: Key considerationsHotel Feasibility Study: MethodologyFeasibility study of solar PV projects: Key componentsFeasibility study of real estate devel
    News 09 October, 2023
    Aninver Development Partners is a boutique advisory firm and leading blue economy consultancy working on assignments around the world with public and private clients and DFIs. The blue economy, encompassing the world's oceans and maritime industries, has become a focal point for both environmental conservationists and savvy investors alike. As our planet grapples with the


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