Aninver secures contract with the InterAmerican Development Bank in Bolivia

Aninver Development Partners reinforces its presence in Latin America with a new contract with the Inter American Development Bank to help the Government of Bolivia in the elderly care sector.

Aninver secures contract with the InterAmerican Development Bank in Bolivia

Aninver Development Partners has recently secured a contract with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for a transformative project in Bolivia. We will be conducting an in-depth diagnostic of care for elderly adults in long-term care centers.

This project falls under the ambit of Technical Cooperation BO-T1426, aiming to enhance care approaches in Bolivia in harmony with the Inter-American Convention on the Protection of Human Rights of Older Persons. Our mission is to safeguard and promote the rights of the elderly population, with a special focus on prevention, active aging, and self-care.

Our comprehensive consultancy will assess over 72 care centers, examining administrative practices, quality of life, family integration, infrastructure, and operational capacity. Our aim is to develop a national diagnosis that pinpoints gaps and formulates a robust proposal to fortify the Comprehensive Care Model for long-term elderly care.

The roadmap includes crafting a detailed work plan, analyzing data collection tools, reviewing pertinent documents, delivering training, conducting site visits, and synthesizing data to produce a diagnostic report complete with recommendations for enhancements.

The specific objectives of the assignment are:

-Visit at least 72 long-stay care centers for elderly adults of public, private, and mixed administration, with the purpose of evaluating: the reasons for admission and procedures for registration and permanence, administrative procedures, review of files, quality in comprehensive therapeutic services, verification of family integration, infrastructure, equipment, and operational capacity.

-Have a situational diagnosis on the exercise of rights of the elderly in long-stay care centers at a national level, which allows evaluating long-stay care services and identifying other types of care that should be developed for this population sector.

-Develop a proposal to strengthen the Comprehensive Care Model of long-term care for the elderly based on the findings obtained in the diagnostic, aimed at improving comprehensive care for the elderly, family reintegration, and alternatives to complementary care to the long-stay care centers.

We're ready to make a difference in the lives of many and contribute to a brighter future for Bolivia's elderly community.

This project adds up to some other projects won by Aninver Development Partners with the InterAmerican Development Bank. These include, among others, the Strategic roadmap for The Blue Economy in Barbados and the Sustainable Community Business Model Strategic Plan for Citizen Security and Justice Programme in Bahamas.