Aninver to Support the Government of Zambia in Public-Private Partnerships

We are very excited to announce that our company Aninver Development Partners has signed a contract with the World Bank to support the Republic of Zambia in its endeavors to expand the role of the private sector in infrastructure development.

Aninver to Support the Government of Zambia in Public-Private Partnerships

A Vision for Development

The Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) has embarked on an ambitious initiative to adopt PPPs to deliver infrastructure projects. This strategic shift is driven by a need to overcome fiscal limitations that have been sharply intensified by the global economic impacts of recent years, including those stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our consulting firm has been selected by the World Bank to spearhead this initiative, which aims to build the PPP capacities of key Zambian ministries and agencies. Our mission is clear: to empower Zambian institutions through a comprehensive program that includes assessment, strategic planning, and targeted training.

Comprehensive Scope of Services

Our contract involves a multi-faceted approach structured in three pivotal phases:

Capacity Needs Assessment: We will begin by conducting an in-depth assessment of the existing PPP frameworks and capabilities within key government entities, including the Ministry of Finance and National Planning, the Road Development Agency, and other crucial agencies. Our team will evaluate the current processes, identify gaps, and provide insights based on best international practices.

Strategic Action Plan Development: Leveraging the insights gained from our assessments, we will formulate a robust national strategy and action plan. This plan will outline a roadmap for enhancing institutional capacities and will be adopted officially by the Zambian government to guide future PPP engagements.

Training and Capacity Building: Critical to our strategy is the delivery of specialized training sessions designed for various levels of staff within the involved ministries and agencies. These will range from technical workshops focusing on the intricacies of PPP projects to high-level discussions aimed at equipping senior officials with the strategic insights necessary for effective oversight and decision-making.

A Commitment to Excellence

Our team is composed of seasoned experts specializing in financial forecasting, legal frameworks, risk management, and PPP concession design. We are committed to providing a comprehensive service package tailored to the unique needs of the Zambian government and its partners.

This partnership not only highlights our expertise in managing large-scale projects but also reinforces our commitment to enhancing infrastructure development through sustainable partnerships. We are proud to support Zambia's strategic goals and are committed to achieving tangible results that will benefit the country for years to come.

Our PPP practice

At Aninver, we understand the importance of infrastructure projects in enabling growth and development across regions. Our team consists of civil engineers, project managers and other specialists with extensive experience in delivering infrastructure projects and PPP contracts. We have experience working on projects across various infrastructure sectors.