Aninver engages stakeholders for TVET project in Antigua & Barbuda

Aninver and Ideanto make progress in TVET communications assignment in Antigua & Barbuda.

Aninver engages stakeholders for TVET project in Antigua & Barbuda

On April 18th, 2024, our CEO and Project Director, Jose de la Maza, and Ideanto's Managing Director, Alberto Lopex Malax, were in the Caribbean island of Antigua & Barbuda conducting a workshop as part of the consulting assignment both companies are executing with the Office of the National Authorising Officer (ONAO) of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.

The assignment is funded by an EU facility managed by the Caribbean Development Bank and it is part of the project "Enhanced Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) Framework for Certification in Antigua and Barbuda".

Under this contract, Aninver and Ideanto are providing consultancy Services for the Development and Implementation of a Website for the Antigua and Barbuda National Training Agency and the Implementation of a Public Awareness and Sensitisation Programme for the TVET Sector. More concretely the objectives of the consultancy assignment are:

(a) to improve the understanding of the importance of technical and vocational skills development and certification in Antigua and Barbuda;

(b) to develop a fully functional website for the Antigua and Barbuda National Training Agency to increase the accessibility, visibility, and public awareness of ABNTA and the importance of TVET; and

(c) to raise the profile of TVET among citizens, employers, civil society and relevant government agencies.

Our team presented a document titled “Preparations for Strategy Implementation” covering:

a) An Overview of the Awareness-Raising Strategy

b) Delivering Impactful Presentations

c) An Overview of the new Website for The Antigua and Barbuda National Training Agency (ABNTA)

d) Developing Engaging Content

e) Next Steps

During the first part of the presentation, our team presented the proposed branding for the TVET program. Our team selected the “Professionals of Tomorrow” slogan.

Our team also proposed a series of key initiatives as part of the Campaign Strategy to amplify the TVET campaign’s impact. Those included: a network of ambassadors, engaging with schools and education centers to inform potential students and learners of how they can benefit, developing a comprehensive TVET guide and executing a soft launch of the initiative on April 29th.

The consultants presented the proposed ABNTA website, the central hub for TVET information in Antigua & Barbuda, designed to empower and inform. The website has three main objectives: a) Communicating the importance of TVET in the country, b) Providing information about TVET opportunities, and c) Introducing ABNTA.

Finally the consultants and the stakeholders discussed next steps to implement the TVET branding, website and Public Awareness and Sensitisation Programme in the TVET sector in Antigua and Barbuda.

Aninver and Ideanto were delighted with the exquisite welcome given by the project coordinating team and are looking forward to implement next steps and to keep working with the client.


On April 29th, Aninver presented the first activity in the TVET awareness-raising campaign, the Soft Launch, to relevant stakeholders of the TVET sector in Antigua and Barbuda. The purpose of the session was to highlight the importance of TVET in the country and to explore the different roles organizations can play in raising awareness of TVET opportunities to all audiences.

The main goals Aninver aimed to achieve with this session included establishing a shared vision of TVET, discussing the strategy for awareness raising, and identifying key opportunities for TVET promotion.

The session began with a few words from the Project Development and Trade Officer of ONAO, followed by a short introduction of the Aninver team. The agenda consisted of the following points:

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Participants, including representatives from various fields, were actively involved in the discussions. Government and strategic authorities, such as the Ministry of Labour, educational bodies like the Antigua and Barbuda International Institute of Technology (ABIIT), and business associations, including UN Women Caribbean, shared their opinions and thoughts on different questions.

Midway through the activity, the participants were divided into three breakout groups where they: a) discussed perceptions of awareness among various stakeholder groups regarding TVET opportunities, b) outlined the principal challenges faced in promoting the significance of TVET, underscoring the need for strategic engagement and advocacy, and c) shared insights on the most effective tools and channels that proved instrumental in raising awareness about TVET, emphasizing the adoption of innovative communication strategies.

Finally, the session concluded with a ‘Call for Ambassadors’ to foster a TVET community where interested individuals can act as a bridge between TVET institutions and a wider audience, with the potential to engage in a multifaceted suite of activities to raise TVET awareness in Antigua & Barbuda.