Trade experts with Pan-African experience

Job description

Aninver is looking for two short-term consultants in Africa to join our team. The assignment consists in collaborating with us to undertake a study on the gap of intra-African trade-carrying infrastructure for an African bank. This assignment will mainly focus on intra-regional, market-led routes that currently carry, or are predicted in future to carry, significant trade. Furthermore, it will identify gaps regarding infrastructure and systems and recognise

We are looking to hire:

  1. An expert in Trade, especially regarding logistics and transport
  2. An expert in Trading Infrastructure and systems

The duties may include, among others:

  • Supporting the team in
    • undertaking literature and Desktop-review about the existing routes and trade flows
    • the analysis of the trade-carrying infrastructure gap, across the African continent
    • identifying regulatory, institutional and financial systems to design, implement, operate and maintain the trade-enabling projects
    • proposing interventions and initiatives in order to improve the optimal flow of goods
  • It may be required to participate in some Workshops in Egypt
  • The consultant may need to carry out field visits and interviews


The experts must have a minimum of 10 years relevant experience, ideally in the African trade and infrastructure space.