Transformational Leadership Experts with Asia-Pacific Experience

Job description

Aninver is looking for two short-term consultants in Asia-Pacific region (including India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Central and Southeast Asia) to join our team for a World Bank consultancy. The assignment consists in collaborating with us to undertake an evaluation of the role of Leadership in Transformational Change across the Pilot Program for Climate Change (PPCR) in Asia-Pacific Region. The assignment will focus on Developing project level learning framework to characterize the role of Transformational Leadership and exploring the role of leadership for Transformational change (T-Change) in that part of the world.

We are looking to hire:

1. An expert in Transformational Change and Leadership in West Asia

2. An expert in Transformational Change and Leadership in Central and East Asia

The duties may include, among others:

- Supporting the team in

- Undertaking a Desktop-review and project sampling strategy

- Undertaking a diagnostic study of PPCR Asia-Pacific portfolio in context of Transformational Leadership

- Developing and implementing engagement strategy for stakeholders

- Developing and implementing of knowledge management strategy and mechanisms to make knowledge accessible

- The consultant may need to carry out field visits and interviews


The requirements are the following:

-        At least 10 years of project management and consultancy experience

-        Knowledge of issues relating to climate change, resilience, water and global climate action regime in Asia-Pacific region

-        Familiarity with Transformational Change work conducted under The Climate Investment Funds (CIF)