Urban and Industrial Environmental Management Program – PGAUI II

  • Mexico
Duration of assignment

1 months

Year: 2018

  • Giz
Area of Expertise
Description of project

The PGAUI program sought to identify possible areas of inter-municipal collaboration and promote the corresponding initiatives. Among other topics, the program aimed to diagnose the strategies and tools of economic promotion in the metropolitan area of Puebla-Tlascala with the aim of integrating aspects of sustainability and strengthening inter-municipal cooperation in this area. Since Germany and Spain had a longer history of the concept of metropolitan areas and inter-municipal cooperation, it was assumed that there were interesting initiatives that could benefit Mexico. The comparison between Spain and Germany could also show the different approaches that were possible in this topic. The specific objective of this consultancy was to develop a guide of good practices of inter-municipal economic promotion in Metropolitan Areas in Spain.

Services provided
  • Prepared a summary of the current debate on initiatives/inter-municipal instruments on economic promotion in Spain.
  • Identified initiatives/inter-municipal instruments that promoted economic development in metropolitan areas in Spain and briefly presented each one.
  • Selected 5 initiatives/instruments from at least 3 metropolitan areas in Spain in conjunction with GIZ Mexico.
  • Documented the selected initiatives/instruments.
  • Briefly compared the German approach and the Spanish approach, highlighting the main similarities and differences and their implications for the economic promotion of Mexico.
  • Prepared the final report.


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