Supply Master Plan for household fuels in the cities of Thiès, Saint-Louis and Kaolack

  • Senegal
Duration of assignment

4 months

Year: 2017 - 2018

  • World Bank
Area of Expertise
Description of project

The objective of the mission is to provide Senegal with determinants for better planning of the domestic fuel subsector, notably through a better understanding of the evolution of household fuel supply and demand for household fuels to generate strategies for meeting the needs of the major consumption centers

Services provided
  • Identify the wood fuel supply basins, estimate the quantities coming from them per year and estimate their capacity to support these withdrawals and the sustainability of the supply;
  • Evaluate the global flows of cooking fuels (wood, charcoal, gas.) for each of these cities by specifying the supply chains;
  • An accurate estimate of wood energy consumption and other domestic energy sources for these five cities by 2030, and on this basis to estimate their impact on natural forest formations;
  • An assessment of the substitution efforts of wood energy by alternative energies (particularly gas) by specifying, for each type of energy, the necessary quantity for a satisfactory energy supply of the households concerned;
  • Determine the most appropriate and sustainable strategies for supplying these cities with cooking fuels while identifying priority actions;
  • Propose strategies of control, rationalization of the supply by favouring the substitution and the valorisation of agro-industrial residues and biofuels;
  • Make quantitative simulations of the impact of the proposed strategies on supplying the cities of Thiès, Saint-Louis and Kaolack with domestic fuels year after year until 2030.

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