Short Term Consultancy To Undertake The Assessment Of Domestic Road Construction Industry

  • Mozambique
Duration of assignment

6 months

Year: 2023 - Ongoing

  • African Development Bank
Description of project

The GoM aims is to develop the growing up of region in which the prosperity and regional integration in the African region by the local Contractors’ presence and activities for road constructions.

The following objectives being related to, can be summarized by:

• Promoting a joint development strategy and gradually harmonize macro economic policies and programs in the particular regards to the local contractors resources being developed/implemented  Harmonizing the policies pertaining to tenders by promoting the competitive services being given by the nationals, within the region and also hopefully on the neighbouring countries.

• Creating a potential “local contractors” resource growing up of various activities to enable a positive environment for their domestic actions by investments and presence being improved. The easy way to access to the financial resources is automatically involving the easy way to the investments.

• Developing and improving a coordinated infrastructure, in which the area of road construction is involved to develop the sector for the whole region.

• Mobilizing the domestic resources to promote the implementation of domestic short-term, medium-term and long-term programs within the region

Aninver is a consultancy company with great experience in the analysis of the domestic construction industry in African countries,

Services provided

The main purpose of the study is to present a number of technical, financial and legally viable recommendations to challenge Mozambique contractors’ bottlenecks.

The study shall encompass the following areas of focus, namely:
1. Desk review
2. Data collection
3. Problem analysis and baseline study (Situation analysis of the Mozambique contractors)
4. Findings
5. Conclusions and recommendations (Financial, technical and legal viability) in order to evaluate the technical and professional capacities of the existing, locally based civil works construction firms seen in relation to the demand for upgrading/rehabilitation/major maintenance for the existing infrastructures.

Despite the knowledge-transfer opportunities presented by Mozambique’s geographical proximity to South Africa, and the notable growth in infrastructure projects, the domestic contractor industry does not appear to be engaging effectively in the road construction sector.

The lack of involvement of the domestic contractor base in the execution of road infrastructure projects also translates into economic losses at national levels. Accordingly, within the overall objective of developing the road transport sector, the subject project includes a component for diagnosing, through workshops and a study, the challenges preventing the growth of the domestic industry and putting forward recommendations to policymakers.


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