MariNAs and ToUrist PortS through DEep Learning technologies & Video Analytics (Nausea)

  • Spain
  • France
  • Greece
  • Italy
Duration of assignment

12 months

Year: 2021 - 2022

  • European Union
Description of project

The project NAUSEA 4.0 introduced technologies and innovations that modernized the daily operations and the management of marinas and tourist ports in Europe and globally. Conceptually, the project extended the functionality of the SAMMY platform that provided a framework for the digitalization of marinas and tourist ports with special interfaces where the data were visualized in interactive maps and new digital services were delivered that related to the availability of berth spaces, the existence of marina services (pillars, lifts, etc.), the traffic conditions inside the harbor space, and early warning notifications.

Services provided

#Smart Port – Digitalisation: The project provided a systematic approach for the digitalisation of the port activities as it complemented an existing visualization framework (SAMMY platform) with advanced video analytics and object recognition algorithms that could provide all the necessary information about the vessel positions and behavior inside the harbor. The project planned to develop and operate mechanisms that enabled the real-time capturing, detection, and tracking of the vessels inside the harbor and extracted important information related to the occupancy of the berth spots, traffic analysis, and early warnings for traffic congestions or collisions, and monitored the conditions at the harbor entrance/exit.

#Smart Port – Service development: Development of a digital service platform (for marinas) The project intended to deliver new digital services for the marina administrators and the end-users (yachting community), complementing the existing ones provided by the SAMMY platform. The marina administrators were empowered with tools and automations for the berth management and service provisioning to the boats, along with alerts and early-warning services that helped them manage and prioritize the traffic inside the harbor. On the other hand, the yachters had access to digital services related to the availability of berth spaces (in organized and less-organized marinas), which were essential for them to schedule their sailing trips and overnight stays.

In addition, the NEUSEA 4.0 project could extend its services to onboard security (Smart Ship – Security) and the detection of illegal activities (Maritime Surveillance) through the use of capturing sensors (thermal cameras, night cameras) and the corresponding analysis of the collected data for detecting human presence, smoke or fire, fitting into more GALATEA's core challenges. Since NEUSEA 4.0 was based on the cloud-based IoT infrastructure and mobile apps of the SAMMY platform and extended their capabilities with deep learning, AI, and digital twin technologies and innovations, the proposal fit directly into the Digital transition horizontal priority of the GALATEA program.

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