Analysis of student housing/accommodation projects in Spain for Moraval

  • Spain
Duration of assignment

6 months

Year: 2017

  • Grupo Moraval – W.P. Carey
Area of Expertise
Description of project

Moraval, a real estate group founded in 1999, specializes in the promotion, sale, and rental of real estate, primarily offices, with a significant presence in the Community of Madrid. The following studies aimed to provide Moraval with comprehensive and well-founded analyses in different locations, enriching their decision-making process for new investments in various sectors.

1. Hotel Market Analysis in the West Malaga Area:
This study focuses on assessing the hotel market in the West Malaga area. Its purpose is to provide Moraval with valuable insights and informed recommendations for potential investments in Malaga city, which may involve a hospitality component.

2. Student Housing Project Analysis in Three Central Locations in Seville:
In this analysis, three central locations in Seville are examined to evaluate the feasibility and viability of a student housing project. Moraval will benefit from well-supported findings and recommendations to aid their decision-making process for new investments in student housing.

3. Student Housing/Accommodation Project Analysis in Bilbao:
The aim of this study is to conduct a thorough analysis in the city of Bilbao, specifically focusing on the potential for a student housing or accommodation project. Moraval will receive a justified and informed assessment, assisting them in making informed investment decisions in this sector.

4. Accommodation Project Analysis in Las Rozas, Madrid:
This analysis centers around Las Rozas, a town in the outskirts of Madrid. It intends to provide Moraval with a comprehensive and well-justified evaluation of an accommodation project in this location, enhancing their decision-making process for new investments.

Services provided

In this study, Aninver analyzed the Malaga city hotel market and more specifically, the West Malaga area, where the analysis included an in-depth review of a set of six hotels operating right now.

In Seville, Bilbao and Madrid Aninver analyzed the city's hospitality market and the potential competitors (hotels, hostels, guest houses, serviced apartments and student residences) for a possible investment in the city.

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