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With a deep commitment to the development and prosperity of this beautiful island, Aninver Development Partners specializes in providing strategic advisory services in the key areas of infrastructure, hospitality, blue economy and climate change. Our diverse team of experts is equipped to guide your business towards sustainable growth and success.

Explore our range of services, and get in touch with us today to embark on a transformative consulting experience in Zanzibar. We look forward to being your partners on this incredible journey.

  • Infrastructure: Zanzibar's rapid development calls for cutting-edge infrastructure solutions. Our dedicated team of infrastructure experts possesses in-depth knowledge of the local landscape. We offer tailored services such as feasibility studies, project planning, and investment analyses to help you navigate the complex world of infrastructure development in Zanzibar.
  • Hospitality: Zanzibar's unique cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes make it a hotspot for the hospitality industry. Whether you're an established resort or a budding boutique hotel, our hospitality specialists can assist with business plans, market research, and strategies to enhance your guest experience.
  • Climate Change: Climate change poses significant challenges to Zanzibar's environmental sustainability. Our consultants are well-versed in climate adaptation and mitigation strategies. We work closely with clients to develop and implement climate-resilient initiatives that safeguard your investments and contribute to a greener future.
  • Blue Economy: The Blue Economy in Zanzibar offers a wealth of opportunities waiting to be explored. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a government agency, or an NGO, our team is ready to collaborate with you to make a meaningful impact. Together, we will shape a prosperous and sustainable future for Zanzibar, where the Blue Economy thrives in harmony with the environment and local communities.
  • Management consulting: Our team of consultants can help you solve any business or development problem that may arise for your organization, just get in touch.

We are familiar with local government procedures to develop an investment project on the island. We personally know the team in charge of the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA) and we can help you through the approval process.

Procedure of Application of Investment Certificate in Zanzibar

Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA) is the first point of call for all potential investors. It is the primary authority of the government of Zanzibar responsible for promoting, facilitating investment and provision of aftercare services to investors.

ZIPA facilitates access to certificate of investment, tax registration and tax incentives, company registration, business license, access to land for investment, immigration services and export processing zones services.

Requirements include minimum investment capital of US $300,000 for foreign investors and US $100,000 for local investors. Investors in hotels and real estate sectors need a minimum capital investment of US $2,500,000 for foreigners and US $300,000 for local investor.

There are two stages to follow for applying investment certificate of investment:

Phase 1: Investors shall submit a concept note for the proposed project to be implemented in Zanzibar using the Investment Intention Form, which is available for free at ZIPA offices or online at

Phase 2: Once the concept note is accepted, the investor will be notified and provided with an Application Form for a non- refundable fee of US$ 200, to be paid at Peoples Bank of Zanzibar at Account number 0400424000 (US$) or its equivalent in Tanzanian Shillings at Account number 0404140000 (TZS); or otherwise advised. The processing time is three working days. A filled application form should be submitted to ZIPA, accompanied with the copies of the following documents:

  • Ten (10) copies of Business Plan/Feasibility Study.
  • Proof of availability of Fund.
  • Copy of main pages of Passports, Passport size photographs, Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • Police Clearance Certificate of all Shareholders from country of residence and country of origin.
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Memorandum and Article of Association.
  • Receipt of payment done for application form.
  • Any other document to support the application.

Business Plan/ Feasibility Study

Aninver Development Partners can help you develop the feasibility study for your investment project. We are the global leading company executing feasibility studies in emerging economies.

As you can see below we have executed dozens of feasibility study consulting assignments, many of them in countries across Africa.

In order to ensure your application Zanzibar moves ahead, we will make sure your feasibility study or business plan should clearly includes: an explanation of the name and detailed information of the intended project, action plan of the project, market analysis, number of employees and their categories, ten-year income projection, Project Implementation Plan, and others.

Zanzibar is on the cusp of remarkable growth, and we are here to ensure that you capitalize on this exciting journey. By choosing Aninver Development Partners, you gain access to a team of dedicated advisors who are passionate about your success. Together, we'll turn your dreams into sustainable business realities.

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